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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  May 7, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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tonight on huckabee. his call led to osama bin laden's down fall. >> i think i get into a lot of that for the last 10 yearings, it was worth it. former justice department attorney in a huckabee exclusive . going after public enemy number one. lieutenant colonel teave - steve russell . mike baker on how the cia put the pieces of bin laden compound together. we'll have an insider look on how special operations trained to land in the lions den. >> they rehearsed so many times, there is zero chance that bin laden or anybody therefore will get away from them.
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[applause] >> thank you very . much. great audience and welcome to a special edition of huckabee from the fox news studios, happy mother's day to everybody and all of the moms watching our show. we have invited the moms from the huckabee staff to the show. we are happy to have them with us. they are down here on the front row. these are the mothers of the staff here in the show. would you stand up soy we can say thank you for loaning us your children and husbands. very nice to have you here. [applause] >> some . staff moms, joanne who works as a producer and we have a photoof her and hopefully will be with us soon and if i could
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see you after the show. happy mother's day to all of you . to all of our mothers who are watching today. >> i think it is safe to say that america needed good news and we got it the successful operation to exterminate the mass murderer and evil radical osama bin laden was a long time coming and so better late than ever. president obama, had the mission failed it would likely have finished off his presidency . his willingness to provide proof of the death of one murder's death was freight. but he made the right call it is it a reminder to the world and ourselves that talk of america as a failing nation is just bone headedly wrong.
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we can still do what we set out to do in this country. [applause] >> maybe, maybe, maybe we can take off the gloom and doom. and high gas prices and start realizing that america needs to stand up and change the landscape. the success of a difficult mission like the operation to take out osama bin laden could serve as a lesson to the president in congress. it was team work and dedication to the mission over any one man that made the mission work. if members of congress could decide it is not about them or their futures but about mission to secure the borders and restore the economy might move us to unparalleled greatness. we offer profound and deserved
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praise to the military and intelligence agencies for ridding the world of a disease named osama bin laden. >> i have said this week on the radio commentary the huckabee report it was good to know that the last thing that went through the mind of osama bin laden, was an american bullet. [applause] that's my view . i welcome yours, e-mail me at mikehuckabee.comand click on the fox news feed back section. follow me on twitter . the mission to take out bin laden took months of planning by our intelligence agencies and the navy seals. we'll discuss how the cia connected the dots and led us to the compound in pakistan. look at what the seals went through to accomplish their mission. >> may 1st. 3:30 p.m. blackhawk helicopters carrying navy
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seals leave their base in afghanistan and fly to the place that u.s. intelligence was monitoring for months. it was just 38 miles from the nation's capitol . on the ground of the compound navy seal commandos found a false door and they found a break wall. cia director said the seals breached the wall to get in the house. bin laden and his family lived on the second and third floor. officials say once the seals got inside of the house they were rushed by occupiants and they killed the courier and the courier's brother on the first floor and bin laden's son who rushed them from the third floor. after the 20 minute gun fight the seals reached the third bedroom. 10 years after the horrific attack on america, navy team
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six was face to face with osama bin laden. >> the process that led to the location of the world's most wanted terrorist started eight years ago. here to reveal how we found bin laden, mike baker. [applause] good to have you here. tell me what has to happen in collecting the intelligence from the cia and intelligence side. >> what has to happen painsteaking labor intensive grinding work. i don't know of any operation that didn't have a piece of luck. you referred to the courier. the courier was the key to this whole operation . what led us to 40 some odd minutes in abotabad was an eight year marathon.
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it started in a small detention center when a detainee referred to a carrier and a matter of the routine. the people in orbit of people like bin laden . so they referred to this. they gets chucked on a mile of other information and thousands and thousands of bits of pieces of information coming from a variety of sources in the world. not too long after that another reference comes out and what do you have? two pieces of information and independent reporting on somebody but not a real person. it is a ghost and a alias . take that information and what can you do with that and that might be something more important. it gets run past sheik calid sheik muhammad. he blinks on it and acts like i don't know the name .
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you start to think maybe we do have something of real importance. it was thrown out in ksm, it was not understood that the courier was that important. 2003, we are working around the alias name. it was not until 2007, that we got the real name of the individual and then it took two more years, 2009, until we had a general region where we felt that this individual existed. the keys that we are putting together, it is an eight year process and not like a week or so they think they found bin laden's compound. >> it took all of that time. 2009, a region and august 2010, we identified the compound. the amount of work, the investigative and intelligence process and sources around the world and trying to zero in to
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get ahold of an individual and that individual led us to the compound and we know what the end result was. >> one of the key elements of all of the information gathering how much was obtained by enhanced interrogation, specifically water boarding. this last week leon paneta in an interview with brian williams said water boarding was a key part of that. do you believe that . how much does enhanced interrogation deliver for us. so many people in the defense and diplomatic world say it is worthless and does not produce valuable information. >> it is the concept of interrogation, it is very important to be able to maintain control as the interrogator. you don't want the detaine to feel they are in control f. they know our game plan and play book and they know everything that can't be. that gives them control .
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in my opinion enhanced techniques are important and we have to remember. water boarding was used on three individual and over by 2003. >> this is not done every day. there is not the water boarding in gitmo, and i have to book that room. it is always busy. >> and this is one of our own reporters and one of the best news reporters in the business. they subjected themselves for being water boarded. it was like being on my show. i hope you don't say the same thing. >> i can't speak for steve. but it is by no means, is it pleasant. none of this was meant to be pleasant. you are talking about three individuals that were subjected to water boarding. ksm . sheik muhammad collectively. they are responsible for the
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deaths of thousand people. do i feel angst over that issue? not at all . what i would say, when you are talking about going forward in our ability to take detainees and gather information from them. having a bag that includes the unknowing from the detainees point of view. they don't know what is coming down the pike. that is important . it is a moot point. we'll not use water boarding again. not everyone knows that it is part of the process. the key is not letting them know. i want to conclude. we have run out of time mike. it would outrage me if there was a criminal prosecution to good decent men and women of the cia who are doing their best to determine the information on which we carry out acts like we did and eric
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holder will say there will be no prosecution of patriots who did their duty and lawful at the time in which they did it. anything less than that would be an outrage. cia guys are heroes and thanks for your service and putting daylight in it for us. his decision made water boarding legal and many criticized him for it but does he feel know vindicated. my exclusive interview is coming up next. you will want to watch ♪
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interrogators could legally go in order to get terrorist legally to talk. >> the bush justice department signed into affect the memos that change john u's life. he authored the torteur memos that permitted water boarding on detainees. he was the subject of relentless christicism and mockery for a decade. during a class in berkeley law school comedians mocked him for wearing the abu grab attire. the obama administration considered prosecuting him and a spanish judge tried to charge him with war crimes. >> i will not get in to games
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wu. answer the question or refuse to. >> the memo was signed and provided. >> i know it is sign so do you. stop wasting my time. >> i am not trying to. >> but now osama bin laden is dead. >> i think that those policies have successfully provided information to the government to have allowed the country to prevent terrorist attacks by qaddafi on our homeland in --. take me back to the day that you were first asked to draft a memo. that ultimately created the legal authority. and our agency scored a series of intelligence coups to capture the leading figures .
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later the actual planner of the 9/11 attacks themselves . they are hardcore terrorist that trained to resist interrogation that we normally use . the cia camitous and said we don't want to violate laws and we need to know what the laws of torteur mean. our memo was about how far could the cia go and how far they could not go. >> was there an extraordinary level of push back. it didn't just come from members of congress. it came from members of the military and clergy and former secretary of states. when they said why should not do torteur and defined water boarding as torteur and did it unsettle you when that happened and make you rethink your decision? >> of course, any time leading military figures or government makes a statement like that of course you are going to think
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about it water boarding was the last in the series of interrogation methods. i think if most people saw those they wouldn't think of those. that was only used on kalid sheik muhammad. it was a difficult call for us back in the justice department. but we looked to the fact that our own troops and thousands and this happeneds of our officers and soldiers undergo water board as part of the training and we went and looked and we saw that very few in the single digits complained and said it caused them to suffer severe and mental harm. we were not torteuring the soldiers and the train white it was an extreme measure for circumstances, that it wouldn't violate the torteur ban. it was about to carry out
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another attack on the united states at the time. >> there was a lot of anxiety and some from the military. they said we don't want to treat those who are apprehended in a way that we don't want our soldiers to be treated . that includes sleep deprivation which we are not supposed to do. and so did we in essence violate our own code from the field manual by implementing the tactics particularly in guantanamo bay? >> i think it is it a hard question. i would say it is not a legal question. i think the legal question is what is or is not torteur. sleep deprivation most americans agree does not torteur. restrain ourselves from using the methods because it may discourage the treatment of
8:21 pm
the soldierings. this enemy al qaeda has no interest in providing our soldiers protections or rights. they don't take prisoners. their objective is to kill not only soldiers but civilians. i understand why the generals are concerned about the treatment of our soldiers. i don't think anything we did with regard to the al qaeda leaders in guantanamo bay or method on the top leaders will change the way al qaeda acts against us. >> i agree there that we are not dealing with people who will temper down their own approach and attempts in dialing with us. great case is daniel pearl who was a journal >> defendant: and behead by these people. we are not talking about people who think like we domp please stay with me. when we come back, i want to talk about what happened this
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week with the killing of osama bin laden. you wrote a piece in the wall street journal and i will ask you about that. we'll be back with professor yu. this is the neighborhood. you get elm street and you get main street. thank you. and that just the first quarter. so you want a slide in your office ? or monkey bars, either one. more small businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier. where's susie ? is she expecting you ? because they know the small business with the best technology rules.
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>> this week the killing of osama bin laden has been celebrated by freedom loving people and certainly americans around . do you feel a since of vindication that information that led to the killing was obtained by water boarding. >> it is it a vindication of the bush administration policy . without the policy on interrogation and wire tapping, both of which are put into place under president obama, we would never have gotten the intelligence necessary to find osama bin
8:26 pm
laden in the compound and in abbotabad. we had to find the courier who was the link. one was the identy of the cower -- courier. that is only because of water unterigation methods on muhammad. we only got the location because of the electronic wire tapping program and pull it together it brings it into focus all of the other intelligence building and leads to the compound in abbotabad that we successfully raided sunday. >> president obama campaigned against water boarding and he would closed gitmo and obviously has not closed gitmo. >> what has the obama
8:27 pm
administration learned or come full circle or simply accepting the information and use to execute a mission but not acknowledge that it was useful in a important moment in the war against terror? >> i thinklet obama should get credit for carrying out the operation. but they relied on information from the interrogation methods. a lot of areas like keeping the guantanamo bay open and electronic surveillance and use of drones, they continued, but it was not because they wanted tompt a lot of these areas, guantanamo bay they tried to reverse the bush administration policis and it is reality that brought them kick screaming around after two and half years to policies that look similar to the ones that they attacked in the campaign. but in the area of
8:28 pm
interrogation they haven't. we have lost in the last two and half years important stream of intelligence we could get on the enemy. >> you wrote a piece in the wall street journal . rather to have killed osama bin laden, it would have been better if we captured him and brought him back for an intelligence gathering. >> why would you rather not kill him in >> it is a loss and the most important information that we got about al qaeda and the most important person to capture was osama bin laden. think about all of the intelience he would have on al qaeda and the operation and network and other leaders and pending attacks on the united states. >> you endured 10 years of relentless christicism. you have been heckled and parroted in many ways. tell plea - me your emotions
8:29 pm
when you saw the fruit of your labors with the killing of osama bin laden, does that give you a since of peace and closure about what you have personally been through over the 10 years? >> thanks for asking me that question. no one asked me that before. i think i did endure a lot of that for the last 10 years and it was worth it what we were trying to do is provide the tools for men and women in the field and they have to make tough decision and putting their lives on the lawn line and giving them flexibly and protection so they can get the job done. i have every confidence and faith in the military they capture or kill him. i didn't know when that day would come. i knew it would come at some point and i feel fortunate that i was able to contract to the victory on sunday.
8:30 pm
on the other hand, the war is not over and it is going to continue and i hope our political system will come to a consensous now after we see what works about the bush administration policy and how they promote the dephot of qaddafi. - al qaeda. >> thank you. it is my pleasure. >> what is it like landing a helicopter on enemy ground? i will ask one of the most decorate special operations soldiers in the u.s. military. that is coming up next. nouncer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens,
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>> from america's news headquarters, i am harris faulkner. a developing story in houston. police shutting down part of interstate 45 through downtown. there is it a stand off between a suspect and a police
8:34 pm
in the greyhound. the suspect is holed up in the downtown parking garage. it is unclear whether they established contact. no word on the condition of the wounded officers. >> spring 20len rages on. tornado warnings in indiana and south of chicago with a report of a twister touching down in illinois . tennessee flooding and authorities going door to door asking for people to leave their homes. >> i am harris faulkner, back to huckabee. >> if you haven't read my book the simple government i hope you will. i talk about how we should be dealing with terrorist and the nations that help them. it is available atama
8:35 pm
show how do special operations teams prepare for a mission to land in hostile territory. our next guest was part of the delta force tome that tried to rescue the hostages was iran and involved in the mission to get norwegia . in mogadishu: good to have you with me. >> tell me if you will. something about the play by play of what happens from the time the choppers land in the compound until the time they get out of there. >> first of all, let's back up earlier than that . on the way in, there is no question that troops are going to be monitoring probably live video coming off of a uav or predator-type drone and getting verbal reports.
8:36 pm
they have a pretty good situation on awareness and understand what is happening in real-time. when they get in close, they get a one-minute warning and that is at that point, the adrenalin starts pumping once they face break out of the helicopter and came in with a hard landing, they are running on adrenalin. they don't know specifically what the interior of the buildings look like. ine though they rehearsed this scores of times. on a facsimile to assimulate the compound and vice-president and density of thaltitude. they don't know what they will find. they are so well rehearsed so many times tis a routine drill for them. that doesn't mean they will not have something unexpected there. but they go in with
8:37 pm
necessarily explosives to breach what they encounter when they get on a target and go in with all kinds of contingency and they had to use those contingency. once they hit the ground, there is zero chance bin laden or anybody else will get away from them. >> when you talk about all of the preparation. tell me what is lukely to happen. you directed the mission and personly have been involved in the execution and on the ground with special forces . i want you to tell me when they got off of the helicopter, what would be the assignments that they are carrying out. >> some for security. security from any kind of external threat and internally. recollects would have been assigned to go to the most like low place where bin laden would be. i think their plan was to fast rope right in on top of the
8:38 pm
building there with an expectation that bin laden would be in the highest point. but on the ground they are talking to each other and reporting to eep other to insure that everyone has a situational aware going room to room. >> let me say this. i think the seals showed a great deal of restraint as they went into this place. they are in a country that could have been hostile and up against al qaeda with the man that killed more americans than anybody . i think they showed restraint to have gone in and apprehended certain members of the al qaeda that they didn't see as a threat. they put plastic handcuffs on and didn't kill or hurt them. they went through and ultimately found their target. i think it is once they get on the ground, it is a fast-moving operation with a lot of communication and they
8:39 pm
go from room to room and until they find their target. >> you talk about communication, you saw the president and his cabinet watching. is there video streaming back to washington? and even mong the special forces members is there a protocol who can or not talk? it is confuse figure 30 people are talking at the same time. >> this concerns me that we have a situation where the commander in chief can sit in the white house and if he chooses to control an operation . but yes, i am sure they were watching a live video off of a predator . they could be getting videos from a number of sources and some of high altitude aircraft . they were probably monitoring the command frequency, not each individual on the ground. i doubt that seriously. but certainly the frequency
8:40 pm
linking the commandos on the ground and the seal to their command headquarters, i am sure they monitored that. that is good on one hand, and on the other hand, it portends interference that you don't need. that concerns me. >> we'll continue this when we come back. more with general jerry boyken. a really bad book narr? foghorn (stammering): it was the best of times, it was the wor - i say worst of times. and by worst i'm talkin' as bad, i say, as bad as my aunt ginny's corn puddin'. that stuff'll sink you like a stone. engineer: ok that was a little... foghorn: you gettin' all this in there son? i just added that last part it's called "adlibbin..." was, i say it was... vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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[ female announcer ] miracle-gro moisture control potting mix. welcome. and happy baconalia! baconalia? mm-hmm. why, it's the sacred festival of bacon. a celebration of baconian delight. come celebrate baconalia! we're open to 7 new ways to enjoy bacon. denny's. america's diner is always open. [applause] >> we are back with the
8:44 pm
general jerry boyken. a lot of things can go wrong. this was a gusty move. the president took a big risk and made a courageous decision because let's talk about the things that could have gone wrong? what if the communication broke down. >> they have so much reduppedancy it is unlukely they would have lost contact. but one of the things that did happen is something we saw before. on the attempt to rescue the hostages. a helicopter became the problem. we saw it in mog on -- mogadishu . if they lost a helicopter. we say two helicopters. there were more than two there. they would not have gone in without adquate back up if they did lose a helicopter. if you go in on a hot target,
8:45 pm
you have to expect you can lose a helicopter as we did in this case. there is a lot of contingency . in the months they had to rehearse this, governor, they went through every contingency of how to react if certain things occurred and they had to exercise one of them. >> we are amazed by the level of valor these general displayed. tell me about the process of selection. what are you looking for? this is the elite of the elite when it comes to delta force and the seals. what are the characteristics that you are looking? >> we are looking for maturity and judgment and for people making the right decision under the toughest of circumstances and not necessarily the fattest on the dauly runs. they not only have to take ordersine to their own death,
8:46 pm
but be prepare to make decision when no order is forth coming because something unexpected helped happened. >> that is right. once they got on the ground, there was no one telling them what to do. that was up to the tome - team leaders to make rapid decisions particularly when things were unexpected. they trained for that . this is it a small unit leadership at his best. they are tough and mature and capable of making rapid decisions under pressure. >> do you agree with the decision to kill him as oppose to capture. >> this was a ridiculous argument. this was osama bin laden. for us proud americans to second guess the seals. any one in uniform that had seen osama bin laden would nolt have taken the risk that he was having a concealed
8:47 pm
grenade or vest or within a reach of a gun. that was a silly argument. they did the right thing and americans ought to stand by them . knock off the second gissing. >> i couldn't agree more. i think that is one of the best ways to have it said. i want to say thanks on behalf of the american people who participated in this. one . reasons it was successful. people like you pioneered the techniques. it is one that needs to be admired by every american. they have amazing respect. they'll carry out the dangerous operations. central player in the hunt and capture of saddam hussein.
8:48 pm
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planning for the take down of osama bin laden was planned and staged for months. but the execution of the mission took 40 minutes. my next guest commanded a battalion that hunted down and captured iraqi leader saddam hussein. steve, it is good to have you hoar. >>. [applause] >> it took a long time to develop the intelligence. was it sophisticated satellite
8:52 pm
technology or how did you go about finding saddam hussein? >> people think that saddam capture was an instant thing. it was the result of six months of two operations teams and working with regular forces over a six-month period. >> we got him and you detail what goes on in the process of getting saddam hussein. tell me about the similarities in dealing with saddam hussein and osama bin laden, because i am sure you kept up with the extraordinary process here. what is similar and what is different. >> there is quite a bit similar. time lines are different. saddam was surrounded by larger numbers of people and social networks. but both had unknowns, virtual unknowns in coordination with him. once you track them down, that becomes essential to finding the big guys. >> i understand one particular little boy that was a critical
8:53 pm
part of finding saddam hussein. >> there were five controlling families involved with the security around saddam. he had it before the war. they were still protecting him. one family was most key. a little boy came up to the outpostand said i have information. colonel jim hicky talked to the boy and sent my forces out on a raid. it was the family that had hidden saddam in 1959 . when he tried to kill the iraqi prime minister, it was the same farm that came into play. we got information about mouslet and able to get him in a few short days after that. >> it was not whiz bang technology but on the ground talking to people and getting information and asking questions. >> without the cooperation of the iraqi people figuring out
8:54 pm
who the controlling families were and working hand in hand after day day. we were able to collect the whole raid and person that we got led to machine else. >> how many deadens duhave? >> you have dead ends and you get nothing if you don't do nothing. >> colonel tell me about those hours when you finally found him and captured him. tell me how that happened? >> i got a call from colonel hicky and they say they captured the fat man . we were elated if he were captured he would know saddam's location. i was told to get my forces ready and once we learned where his location was, there were, we worked hand in hand with special operation's force team command by a guy i will
8:55 pm
call john. two teams were called up and all of the planning took place not in sophistication but on a piece of butcher paper with a magic marker pen. but we worked on so many raids together. everything was set and a giant cord around so that saddam hussein could not escape. two farms were seized. they put saddam in a hiding place and after a time mouslet pointed to the location. it was a foot mat and got down in the hole and saddam was pulled out of the hole and successfully captured. >> what a remarkable mission and all chronicled in a book called we got him. it is a great insight in the capability of our military. as we conclude tonight's program. we hopefully have brought to you a sense of the extraordinary dedication and
8:56 pm
discipline of the men and women in our military and intelligence agencies. we celebrated when we found out osama bin laden was killed. but the moment in which it was revealeditous, was preceded by years of painstaking work and careful work and also extraordinary danger that they put themselves through. the united states of america owes a lot to our military. i don't think we can give them too much in terms of recognition and gratitude. i hope if you see a soldier, sailor or marine or air men, shake their hand and say god bless. another happy's mother's day to all of our mothers. >> happy mother's day to you where ever you are. god bless from new york. this is mike huckabee, good night, everyone. ♪
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